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Describe a flow in English, add business logic with code, get a working app live.

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Conversational building blocks for any user flow.

Building user flows is not just putting components together. Things like navigating the user to different pages, composing actions together and performing complex validations are a nightmare with the current drag-and-drop solutions.

Turns out, English is awesome at explaining flows.

Add code for business-specific parts

Sentences start you off with some defaults. Its like fill in the blanks. You get a box with full JavaScript support to add any custom logic you need. This means - ultimate flexibility to do whatever the business demands.

Great styling controls.

Each component can be styled globally and individually. Group elements together to create layouts. If that's not powerful enough, use drag and resize to move things around.

Deploy independently or embed.

Once your user flow is ready, deploy it as an independent web-app in one-click. Or use our embed code to add it to your existing product and listen to events from the flow. How easy is embedding? Just call the Tuneal function whenever and wherever you want it to take over. 2 lines of code, that's it.

In fact, our own onboarding that you see once you sign up, is an embedded Tuneal flow.

Built for fast growing startups

Deploy on-premise. You own your data. We don't become middlemen.

Check-in the app config in Git or the version control system of your choice.

In-built Google Sheets integration.

Add custom components that can be used by your entire organisation.

Extensive debug logs so that you can see exactly what happened.

Shareable context across your organisation. Share API calls, layouts and flows.

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Native apps with a twist.

Tuneal is opinionated when it comes to native apps. Since we are optimizing for speed, we follow a dual layer structure. The native layer contains all the native functionalities you need. The web layer contains your actual app. These layers communicate with each other over a bridge.

Why this structure? Because, with this, making changes to your flow is just a matter of a few clicks. No native builds, no APK uploads, no approval processes, no lock-in. Consider this: Uber and Amazon apps were built like this. For most cases, you don't need "native acceleration".

Things you can build with Tuneal

App to collect stock from warehouse

App to record equipment usage for construction sites

When do I use you?

Tuneal works best when you need to put something out there fast but also need control over time. We are optimising for speed with flexibility. Typically, this means you are problem-solving and looking at your app as a work of art that you will gradually refine over time. You have a vague description of a problem at hand but you don't quite know what UX would solve it.

Need an app to simply manipulate a Google sheet, or a DB and show some information? Check out Glide, Adalo or Appsheet. Need a feature rich website without code? Check out Bubble.

Need to build an app or a website that is going to be the work of your life? You are in the right place.

Build your first flow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How great is your English understanding? Can I type whatever I want?

A. We show a set of suggestions as you type sentences and we only understand those sentences at the moment. We are using English here because when it comes to connecting pages, composing complex actions and adding validations, nothing beats English used with code. We aren't running for a English understanding competition. Yet. We do have a radical theory on this matter and we are working on it.

Q. What's with the name? What does Tuneal mean?

A. We are trying to bring machines to the same abstraction level on which we as humans operate. In other words, we are trying to "tune" them. Hence the name Tune-al.

Q. Realistically, how long would it take for me to get Tuneal? What's the learning curve like?

A. There are 4 gotchas while using Tuneal that we show you as soon as you signup. Once you get those, Tuneal will feel second nature to you. Our early customers picked it up within an hour. In a few hours, they were building flows with Tuneal fluently. Even a non-technical user picked up Tuneal within a day.

Q. Can I export code from Tuneal? Do you lock me in?

A. We don't lock you in. However, our early customers haven't asked us for this feature yet and so we haven't built it. They loved the ability to make changes by simply changing English sentences and publishing them instantly. For an early experiment, you usually wouldn't want a lot of processes. That said, if you need your code exported, just drop us an email at We will figure something out.

What our early users are saying

Started using Tuneal platform since we had to test out a business use case quickly. We were able to deploy v1 within a day. The platform lends itself to suit multiple use cases, and iterative builds. The support from the Tuneal team was phenomenal. It has now become our go-to platform for multiple business use cases!

Mayank Bansal

Strategy and Special Projects Team